DoomRL LogoAfter some playtesting on the official ChaosForge forums, yet another enhanced version of DoomRL has seen the light!

Quoting the official announcement

The time has come to delurk again, and present the world with another release of DoomRL! This is a intermediate release on the long and winding road towards DoomRL 0.9.9. Some of the features that I wanted to push intothis release have beed delayed, but fear not, theres still a couple of things to try out!

The most important part are interface changes, including (but not limited to) message coloring, past message viewer, archivising of mortems in a separate folder, screenshots in plaintext at BBCode format.

Gameplay changes include adding weapon modifications, Mancubi, new level types and new traits. Finally there’s the backpack ;). A lot of changes also happened in the old traits, including a lot balance work. Balance work has been done on other aspects of the game also.

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