The Temple of the Roguelike opens!

Announcing the public release of a new website for the roguelike
community, “Temple of the Roguelike”.

This new website will hopefully serve as a communication media for
both newbies and hardcore roguelike players and developers. The main
goal is to make roguelike games much more accesible to the internet
world, and it includes the following sections:

* Articles
* Roguelike Games Directory
* Interviews
* Previews and Reviews
* News
* Links
* The roguelike world map

The roguelike community now also has access to the “Temple of the
Roguelike Forums”, a web-based forum in which you can hang around and
discuss about roguelikes, popular and newborn, present, past and
future. Thereby you can also post suggestions to make the Roguelike
temple better!

The first interview is coming out real soon (it is already appointed).

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