ZomBand (and no, this is not an Angband Variant :P)

The title screen, I am guessing this pic is the game developer and his girlfriend :)This project has somehow managed to stay under the radar until now. Fairly interesting modern era / zombie survival roguelike game. Theme is nicely implemented with things such as windows, and lots of scrap furniture like chairs, television sets, etc.

In-game screenshotAlso, a zombie survival woudn’t be the same without it’s own array of modern weaponry and ammo, Kevlar armor and… kakis?
The game also has a hunger and thirst counter, so you can’t just hang around the city collecting the goods of the former humans… the escape bridge is to the east, and it will be a long, full of green C and Z, path. Good luck and dont run too fast!

Find ZomBand by ZoopTEK at its official website

You awake…

You wonder where you are for a moment. You realize that you’re in a oddly silent city. No cars. No planes. No people. What’s going on?

You realize that you have nothing with you. If you want to live, you’re going to have to survive on your own it appears; until you can find out what is going on. Find food, water, and shelter. How long can you survive in the city alone? Can you escape to the east over the bridges?

You begin to wander a bit, exploring your immediate surroundings, and then you hear something you have never heard before. Something like a crowd of moaning people.

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