London Roguelike Meet

LondonDavid Damarell has posted about a roguelike meeting soon to take place over London. A good chance to meet fellow roguelikers

The next London roguelike meet will be at 14:00 on Saturday 26 May in the Pembury Tavern (link). We plan to (e)at, (q)uaff and #chat about roguelikes and related topics. Look for people who are either wearing Nethack T-shirts, or just looking generally geek-like.

This used to be an rgr.nethack meet but we are getting a bit thin on the ground and always talk about Crawl anyway.

2 thoughts on “London Roguelike Meet

  1. Well, at least yours would be a short flight, mine would be transatlantic ^_^

    Bad thing to be in a non-roguelike-developement continent 😦 /me feels alone

    But hey! you could organize one such meeting for polished people (I mean, polish people), there seem to be many roguelike devs and players on Poland, no? I also kind of remember a polish roguelike newgroup (my memory may fail though…)


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