Terror in ASCII Dungeon

The author of the article performing a victory danceHere is a pretty decent in-depth game programming tutorial for C++, which follows the development of a “RPG Dungeon using ASCII art” game to teach all the basics. Pretty cool!

Also, the author seems to love Rogue, but not to know any other roguelikes… If so, I hope he finds this website useful!

(Thanks to lemmy for letting me know about it)

So, you’ve just opened this thread because you want to make a game, right? Maybe you just clicked on it because you were curious, or just checking out all the new posts on the forum. You’ve always fancied giving it a go, sure, but everything you’ve read on the subject you’ve just felt overwhelmed:

“I could never program games, all those numbers and code; it just fries my brain!?!”

If this is you, then you are in fact exactly the kind of person I’m hoping to introduce to game programming. Yes, writing a high-tech 3D engine may be out of your reach, at least for now. But actually making a nice simple game, with the proper introduction, is not as much of a leap as you might think.

5 thoughts on “Terror in ASCII Dungeon

  1. Fantastic, THANKYOU! This is exactly what I was searching for, never expecting to find it on the first try. Old post, but I don’t care, it’s still relevant.

    Plus he uses Bloodshed DEV-C++ so it’s cheaper than free.


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