Unreal World 3.02

Unreal World generated worldOk, I can remember staying up late some years ago at a cousin’s house just to play this game. I really loved the way the world was simulated, and the vast number of skills and possible interactions. And just roaming the world free. (I love maps)

All right, I also remember hating the deadly-and-not-fun combat system, and the bizarre looking world generation, and being scared of the title screen “chants”.

But well, it’s been a long time since all that, and I just came to know the game has advanced a whole lot; seems the weird sector based world generation is gone and replaced with something much much better.

You can find more info at The Official Website

UnReal World, UrW, is a unique graphical roguelikish RPG taking place in the far North ages ago.
It brings you realistic game world with lots of historical traits as well as northern folklore, beliefs and way of life. Features and atmosphere of the game are very original and fascinating.

Unreal World
Developers: Sami Maaranen and Erkka Lehmus
License: Shareware
Status: 3.02 Stable

6 thoughts on “Unreal World 3.02

  1. I really like this game. I bought 2.9.something, bought 3.0 when it came out, and plan to pay the full lifetime price at the next major release, if I’m still enjoying it then – and I think I will be.


  2. Er, to clarify the pricing for anyone reading my previous comment who doesn’t know how it’s done, buying a single version (such as 3.0) gets you all the minor updates, including this latest one. For four times that price you can get the current version and all future versions.


  3. Hey Slash, this site is ace, gg.
    Although I check UrW’s site regularly I got this news from here. 😀


  4. Talking about commercial… Slash, I recently saw roguetemple as it is seen from my girlfriends unprotected PC. The amount of advertisements… ehh, you should be ashamed, Slash.

    Good thing that I don’t see any of them on my own PC though -_-


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