Sangband 1.0.0 Final

Sangand Red Dragon CrestUpdate from the *bands front: the Sangband mantainer is proud to announce version “1.0.0 Final” of the game.

Main feature of Sangband is its “intense character development”, which is all Skill based instead of Exp-based; it works really well, and the choices you make really affect the way you can play your adventurer.

Congratulations to its mantainer, Leon Marrick, for achieving the much elusive 1.0.0!

There are many ways to die. There are many ways to die. The choices you make among skills, the plunder from vaults and fallen foes, the objects you forge, your growing tactical prowess – all will shape your adventure.

Current Mantainer/Developer: Leon Marrick
License: GPL
Status 1.0.0 Stable

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