SewerJacks 0.8.1

SewerJacksI wrote a review for SewerJacks back when the game was released for a 7DRL challenge.

Corremn has just announced a new version with exciting new features and improvements, while keeping the spirit that made the original game unique and fun!

This roguelike game uses blood bowl rules (a football RPG system) to make close combat much more interesting, SewerJacksincluding teaming up with fellow sewerjackers, using terrain to your advantage, blitzing away or to the enemies, amongst lots of special characters each one with an unique twist.

What are you waiting for? a world of fame and glory awaits you in the sewers!*

* Not really

Take your failed Blood Bowl player down into the sewer depths and seek out fame and glory.
Show those team selectors what they are missing.
Team up with other ex-footballers to eradicate the filthy vermin found within or go it alone.
Pit your skills against chainsaw wielding fanatics, goblin bombardiers, dark elf assassins and goblin throwing trolls.
Ruthlessly destroy the undead or take on the tough dwarfs, the choice is yours.

Developer: Corremn
Licence: Undefined (Source available)
Status: 0.8.1.

3 thoughts on “SewerJacks 0.8.1

  1. Sir Slash,

    Quote from your article:

    Developer: Corremn
    Licence: Undefined (Source available)
    Status: 0.8.1.”

    Sweet! Nice little summary, telling me some vital stats… in brackets after the status you might put something about whether the game is fully playable or whatever…



  2. Getting the completeness of a game would be hard data to get a hold of though with out asking the author or spending hours playing.

    In this case though,

    Game Status: Fully playable i.e winable


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