The Sewer Massacre 1.0

My first ten dollarsTimofei Shatrov has released the definitive version of his game, which was born from the 2006 Orange October Minigun 7DRL challenge.

What can I say? what we have here is a fun, straightforward and nicely themed game, which may lack some improvements on the UI side but is otherwise very enjoyable.

Become stronger by drinking expired beer and sewer-cola, in you quest to recover all these green-green dollars. There’s a treasure down there on the sewers!

In this game you are a homeless person who descends into the sewers in search for treasure. The goal is to collect as much money as possible and return alive.

The Sewer Massacre
Developer: Timofei Shatrov
Language: CLISP
Licence: Undefined (Source available)
Status: 1.0

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