Rogue Like Treasure

Roguelike TreasureBetter late than never… here is a pretty detailed and illustrated run through the history of the roguelike genre, from its roots to the latest games… it is comprehensive and well written… worth giving a look!

Find it at here

NetHack.Net LogoA nice resource for all of you nethackers or nethacker wannabes… this website is got lots of cool stuff, including this nifty, hand-drawn map of all the nethack realm! perhaps some artist here would be interested in producing a polished version? (would be a different kind of charm :P)

It also has some nice stats based on scripts for players, scores and death causes… Also, the level descriptions are complete and useful… have a look!

New version of Vanilla Angband is coming

Angband LogoThe world of Angband shakes violently as a new official version of Vanilla is getting closer to completion; massive ammounts of work have been put by several individuals into the new version: Angband 3.0.8.

The DevTeam has currently released a testing version and put a deadline of July 1st for an official release if no big issues are found. You can access it and give them a hand by going for the source or the Windows distro

I am happy to see Angband is still alive and kicking, with a new website, a renewed infrastructure composed of a wiki, an issue tracker and some other web tools and, most importantly, a devteam commited with the future of the project.

Further info on this thread

Angband is soon to have a new official release. Before that, though, I want to put out a prerelease version for testing purposes. I believe this version to be mostly bug-free and fairly consistent, but you may find otherwise, and if you do, I want to know! If no problems are found, I’ll release 3.0.8 final without any modifications on 1st July.

AGB-Rogue, Another Portable Roguelike

AGB RogueA port of Rogue for the Gameboy Advance handheld console… it supports both a nethackish tiles mode and an emulated console display…

User interface is a bit tricky, but once you get a hold of it it may be decently playable… you know, there are only 4 buttons here 🙂

It also introduces ranks, as descriptions for the character levels.

The game is pretty close to the original (some parts even print “press space to continue” :P), although it introduces new monsters and gameplay is probably a bit on the easier side.

AGBRogue tiles modeOf course, the best way to enjoy this game is play it on a real console (that is, not using an emulator). I am sure this will be a good friend for your long trips or boring meetings 🙂

AGB_Rogue is an adaptation of PC Rogue version 1.48 to the GameBoyAdvance.
New features:
* Graphical tiles and minimap (text mode is still available)
* Additional sound effects
* Menu-based command/inventory interface

Developer: Donnie Rusell
Licence: Freeware (Source available)
Status: 1.2 Stable

Boston Roguelike Meetup June 23rd

Boston CityA roguelike meeting is being organized by Rachel Dillon (rachel at akrasiac dot org) over Boston, United States of America… consider going there if you can to chat and drink with fellow roguelikers!

Hi all! I’m organizing a Boston (MA, US) roguelike meetup where we all get together for dinner and optional drinks and talk about roguelikes for a couple of hours. Previous attempts to do this, limited to nethack, have been quite successful; hopefully this one will be too. I’m inviting everyone mostly in imitation of the London people’s doing so recently; however, I’ve also been into Crawl lately and figure hey maybe there are _other_ roguelikes, too!

My current plan is 7 PM at somewhere like Mary Chung’s or Cambridge Brewing Company, but one thing I need to figure out, because it will impact where we can get seating on a Saturday night, is: how many people are actually coming? I’ve already got seven or eight from non-RGR* places.

If you’re interested, please email me (or post here if you think other people care) and we’ll come up with a location and then I’ll post that next week, which should still give adequate time for plan-making.

If you don’t live near Boston, you’re still welcome to come, but it might be a lot of effort. Assuming it goes well, I bet we’ll even do it again.

300…. Gameplay ideas

Composition ArmySean Howard, a veteran game designer and developer, has imposed himself a challenge to write up one gameplay idea that hasn’t been implemented yet each day for three hundred days.

There are some pretty nifty ideas in there, whether or not they have already made it into a game, and some of them are really qualified for a roguelike (idea 004, for example has been used in some roguelike games with procedurally generated quests). The author is cool about people using these ideas in games, so you can feel free to grab them and use it in your roguelike.

Also, his pixel art is cool 🙂
Further info Here