Boston Roguelike Meetup June 23rd

Boston CityA roguelike meeting is being organized by Rachel Dillon (rachel at akrasiac dot org) over Boston, United States of America… consider going there if you can to chat and drink with fellow roguelikers!

Hi all! I’m organizing a Boston (MA, US) roguelike meetup where we all get together for dinner and optional drinks and talk about roguelikes for a couple of hours. Previous attempts to do this, limited to nethack, have been quite successful; hopefully this one will be too. I’m inviting everyone mostly in imitation of the London people’s doing so recently; however, I’ve also been into Crawl lately and figure hey maybe there are _other_ roguelikes, too!

My current plan is 7 PM at somewhere like Mary Chung’s or Cambridge Brewing Company, but one thing I need to figure out, because it will impact where we can get seating on a Saturday night, is: how many people are actually coming? I’ve already got seven or eight from non-RGR* places.

If you’re interested, please email me (or post here if you think other people care) and we’ll come up with a location and then I’ll post that next week, which should still give adequate time for plan-making.

If you don’t live near Boston, you’re still welcome to come, but it might be a lot of effort. Assuming it goes well, I bet we’ll even do it again.

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