7 thoughts on “News from the realm of Zot

  1. Dungeon Crawl is actually one of the best RL’s around
    I cannot get the telnet client to work, dammit, the telnet client launches but the text is somewhat scrambled, does anyone knows what might be the problem? Slash?


  2. What telnet client are you using??? the one that comes with windows for example is completely crappy… don’t know about linux.

    It works perfect to me using putty

    Watching games there is awesome… these guys are quick šŸ˜›


  3. PuTTY works very well for me. There’s a few glitches (mostly when watching games, though I haven’t seen any more pop up recently), but they’re pretty minor and don’t wreck the experience like using the standard Windows telnet client does.


  4. Yeah, works great here too…

    If you want to play using putty, be sure to reconfigure the Terminal Keyboard Application Keypad to “Nethack” Initial state (yes, I’m serious :))

    I am sure there was other way to change this in-game, but couldnt find about it


  5. On Linux (at least on Kubuntu 7.04) the standard telnet from the command line works wonders.

    Just open a console and write
    telnet crawl.akrasiac.org



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