AGB-Rogue, Another Portable Roguelike

AGB RogueA port of Rogue for the Gameboy Advance handheld console… it supports both a nethackish tiles mode and an emulated console display…

User interface is a bit tricky, but once you get a hold of it it may be decently playable… you know, there are only 4 buttons here 🙂

It also introduces ranks, as descriptions for the character levels.

The game is pretty close to the original (some parts even print “press space to continue” :P), although it introduces new monsters and gameplay is probably a bit on the easier side.

AGBRogue tiles modeOf course, the best way to enjoy this game is play it on a real console (that is, not using an emulator). I am sure this will be a good friend for your long trips or boring meetings 🙂

AGB_Rogue is an adaptation of PC Rogue version 1.48 to the GameBoyAdvance.
New features:
* Graphical tiles and minimap (text mode is still available)
* Additional sound effects
* Menu-based command/inventory interface

Developer: Donnie Rusell
Licence: Freeware (Source available)
Status: 1.2 Stable

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