AGB-Hack, more fun for your GBA

Exploring the dungeon with your beloved dogDonnie Rusell, the same guy from AGB-Rogue, which I have posted about early on, announces the release of a new version of AGB-Hack.

So, if you are tired of dying at the hands of the evil RNG, or just want to feel a bit of pet company, this is your chance 🙂

The game uses the same “ported UI” than AGB-Rogue, which means you can play the game just like you were on a PC (You have access to a virtual keyboard, which is tied to the key-bindings for quick reference).

This one, however, comes with no tiles. But in my opinion, half the charm of Hack (and NetHack) comes from their ASCII modes.

AGB_Hack is an adaptation of Don Kneller’s PC Hack 3.61 to the GameBoy Advance.

New features:

* Menu-based inventory/command interface. You can now select an object in your inventory and perform actions relevant to it.
* Many selections that previously required a keypress have been
converted to menus.

* Bugfixes, optimizations and small changes to improve playability
(see changes.txt file for details)

Developer: Donnie Rusell
Licence: Freeware
Status: 1.4

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