Angband 3.0.8 Released

RIPAs pre announced some time ago, the current Angband development team has released a new major version. Thank you very much dudes, I am sure lots of people will enjoy all your hard work!

This the final release of the Angband 3.0.7s series. Quite a number of people have been involved in this version, and thanks must be given to Hugo Kornelis, Pete Mack, Marco K and Frank Palazzolo, Christer Nyfalt, Leon Marrick, Andrew Doull, Kenneth Boyd, Iain McFall, Kiyoshi Aman, Christophe Cavalaria, Nick McConnell, Brendon Oliver, Antony Sidwell, “Yendor”, and Shanoah Alkire. Probably others, too. 🙂

Further info here, including downloads for Windows, RISC OS and Source Code

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