Dungeon Creation Contest

Icey’s cool townTarindel has announced a roguelike development contest to be held at his new forums… the goal? to write a cool dungeon generator that outputs to an HTML file to be appraised by the world!

To commemorate the opening of the programming forums on my website, I
am hosting a Roguelike programming contest. The objective: write a random dungeon generator in the language of your choice.

Sound easy? It’s as easy or as hard as you make it. The point is to have fun, create some interesting new dungeon designs, give you a reason to try out that algorithm that’s been in the back of your head, or even learn a new language. Because all entries are output to HTML, no mucking with I/O libraries is needed.

Deadline is August 5th, so… if you feel like creating and sharing some content, surf here, read the guidelines and go onto your quest!

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Creation Contest

  1. If I had more spare time I’d give it a try, but the new job and anything,bah
    I liked ADOM’s dungeon design, I’ve never seen better generated dungeons in my whole life, well, maybe only Diablo II, but that’s another league already =]


  2. Thanks for sharing!
    This will be write an interesting contest, since it touches one of the most important aspect of a roguelike… or at least the one that every roguelike has to tackle!


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