Frozen Depths 1.02


Frozen Depths LogoPrepare again for a journey into the chilly caves, as a new version of Frozen Depths has been released after almost one year of work.

Many enhancements make the game much better now, and it is overall fun to play, with interesting content and a theme completely integrated into the gameplay. Prepare to kick ice blocks and loot frozen adventurers bodies, while whacking ice crabs and eating your warm goo. Beware the big mosquitos!
A sad death in a frosty stairA fairly advanced UI, a complete point based skill system and the temperature system that requires you to gather clothing and take care of becoming a frozen @.

Grab your copy while it is cold at the official website

15 thoughts on “Frozen Depths 1.02

  1. Zuddas, I dare you to win the game if it’s so easy. The first ten levels are indeed newbie friendly, but after that the difficulty increases quite fast.


  2. Nice work, Glowie! I killed the first two bosses before dying. Can’t want to see how you further develop the game!


  3. i’m dead a t lvl 11! 😉 but maybe it’s a bit boring to wait that lvl to have a competitive game….isn’t it?


  4. Thanks, jimbo! Killing two bosses isn’t bad at all. 🙂

    Zuddas: Ah, it would be boring if all players were as good as you are. But not everyone even gets to the 11th floor! Many people have told me that it’s a good feature that the game doesn’t kill you instantly, like Crawl and Nethack for example. A newbie friendly beginning hooks more new players than an insanely hard beginning, though that might be better for veteran roguelikers. As you can see, everyone has their preferences and it’s hard to please everyone. 🙂


  5. I am quite new to all the roguelikes, and I must say I like this game very much.
    I think the simplicity has turned out nice, and I think the setting is atmospheric and also diffrent from the other roguelikes.
    I don´t mind dying, but its nice to play a bit more relaxed for a change 🙂
    I am on lvl 25 at the moment, and it´s really getting tougher 🙂


  6. I’ve been playing this a bit and have been enjoying it. I like the general icy theme and the added “needing to keep warm” survival element. The game has atmosphere and the indication of blood splatters is a nice little touch of detail. One can imagine how blood stands out in a icy / snowy world. I see no problem with the easiness in the first several levels – it lets you get to know the game. So far I’ve gotten to level 10 but got defeated by the boss there. I wasn’t playing very carefully though.

    I look forward to seeing how it develops!


  7. makkE: How deep did you die? Getting to level 25 isn’t bad either!

    Myrkrel: Next time you won’t be surprised and hopefully will beat the boss there.

    Thanks for the comments guys!


  8. Glowie : I wrote you a mail bout it along with some feedback, I got to lvl 31. Then I ran out of energy and tried one of my unknown potions. Seeing the description, I guess it brought me down to 1 hp, but I was poisioned too .. err very sudden death !!


  9. You might wanna update the link in this post to “” which is the proper index page. Going to try out this game in a bit.


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