Incursion 0.6.0


The Forsaken — primordial mage-lords who made pacts with things beyond the rim of creation — were sealed into a ceaseless, ageless slumber eons ago during the sorcery wars. Now, their sleep grows restless and troubled, and the thirteen signs and omens the holy texts claim will presage their awakening have begin to come to pass.

Room DescriptionsThe making of a good roguelike is a process that takes a lot of time and dedication; the project grows at pair with yourself, you learn from the project, and the project “learns” from your experience and mistakes. It sleeps for some months, then polymorphs in the most unexpected way… day by day, as years go by, ideas acummulate in the developer head, notepads are scratched on idle times, the mind flies during boring corporate meetings or classes. Some of these ideas are lucky enough to make it into an actual implementation.

Very detailed race descriptionIncursion 0.6.0 has been released. What can I say? this is a masterpiece in progress by Julian Mensch, a roguelike game so detailed and with so many interesting features it can hardly be described until you see for yourself; the vast number of options, the extremely detailed descriptions of races, classes, rooms, skills, combat! and it is not just about cute literary descriptions; everything has an impact on the Firebat Combatgame, which is a pleasure to play with its many good user interface features and customization.

I only wish I could have had more time to provide a detailed review of this great game, I am afraid I could only chop the top of an iceberg, which I hope to tackle later on, as it is really worth it.

The project is still under development, but it is very enjoyable and will surely make your jaw drop. It is actually part of a much bigger project which will probably be in the fight for Skillsthe ultimate roguelike of the milennia. An interesting white paper about these can be found here; there is also a nice detailed manual you can browse online to know a bit more about the game.

Incursion is a freeware roguelike (meaning a text-map, turn-based computer game featuring character growth, permanent death and an emphasis on strategy and gameplay depth) game based on (but not strictly adherant to) the mechanics of the d20 system made available under the Open Game License by Wizards of the Coast — the same rules system used by the popular tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons.

Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King
Developer: Julian Mensch
Licence: Freeware
Status: 0.6.0

15 thoughts on “Incursion 0.6.0

  1. Excellent game: has real good potential to become a new classic of the genre. Still has some bugs, but I hope they will be corrected soon. Julian smites those bugs mercilessly šŸ˜‰

    And then, I hope a Linux version will come out soon enough šŸ˜‰


  2. I’m really impressed with this game. I didn’t think . . . the game it’s based on . . . could be so faithfully adapted to a roguelike environment, but Julian has proven me completely wrong. Everyone should give this one a go.

    Keep it up!


  3. It truly seems to be very tasty. I spent heaps of time creating my first character and have yet to take him some steps to his first adversary in the dungeon.


  4. Thanks a lot for the news, this one could be a real gem. Spend a couple hours playing it yesterday. It probably has the most complete implementation of d20 system from all roguelike game out there. You can even metamagic Heighten Spell !

    It’s quite unusable for me right now though, after you spend enough time in a level it begins to crawl. It takes about 1,5 second to move one tile even in a athlon64 box.


  5. Great, simply awesome d20 system based roguelike.

    Not much to add here, if the project won’t be abandoned it will soon enough become a major roguelike.
    I like the character development and prestige classes system, reminds me of the Neverwinter Nights PRC, will be waiting for news on that one.


  6. I really like it, but the amount of information is almost overwhelming. I didn’t get very far, spending a ton of time on the character only to be killed by the first encounter I had. I will try again later, but each turn feels like it takes 30 seconds to digest info wise. Still learning, but seems like an absolutely great start, and I agree that if this roguelike continues as thus, it will become another champion!


  7. Amazing game, even in the infancy of its playability. I’m bumping into minor to major bugs left and right and I might complain about a few aspects of the interface, but most of what I’m noticing is a game that seems destined to dominate the genre. From variance in dungeon structure and character creation to the unusual pantheon of gods, Incursion excels beyond what is expected of roguelikes, both in scope and detail.


  8. For example: animal companion list for druids includes the option for a plague of stirges. Not just multiple stirges, but a plague. Amazing.


  9. i it just me or is there TOO much? hard to read text. hours of manual. tons of options to set up a character. then you die 10 turns into the game. sure you can hit one key to roll the same char again. but what if you want a dif class? 30 more minutes of squinting to read what class yer actually picking.

    ive yet to figure out how to put a coin from the ground into my backpack. and my eyes seriously are hurting from reading the command list just to figure out how to open a list of five skills that wont help me kill this orc.


  10. There’s only “too few options”. šŸ˜‰ Font size can be changed in the options (needs a corresponding resolution for the needed 80×50 characters or whatever exactly it is, though). Making chars should not take you 30 mins. šŸ˜› Coins in the ‘In the air’ spot -> ‘s’ to stow em into yer backpack (may need a TAB in advance to switch from chest to backpack).
    Maybe roguelikes aren’t for you. >;P


  11. Don’t be mean to reverend. He brings up two good points. Dark magenta and darker blue text against a black background is not the easiest thing to read in the world, and inventory management is still, according to some of the notes I’ve read, a work in progress. Something should simply be done about the text. But for the inventory stuff, you’ll realize after a few frustrating minutes of trying to stow a gold piece that the system is actually very innovative. Where you put your items (belt, shoulder, free hand, pack) has everything to do with how quickly your character can get to them when he needs them. When the ice elemental is charging at you, you’ll be happy that your wand of fire is close at hand. It’s like being a gunslinger!


  12. Theres a new version out, the author says it fixes “most of the issues that people have had with the game to date”.


  13. This is what I was always looking for D20 implementation in a great Roguelike.
    Simply the best rogue I played so far ! Soon to blow ADOM and Crawl out of water.

    Only problem

    Inventory system is a pain


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