Increasing Challenge in Roguelikes

Increasing Challenge in Roguelikes
By Andrew Grech, aka Roguery

Have you ever felt that nothing beats the feeling of starting a new character in a roguelike game? When a character is young, it has tons of potential, and the level around it is full of opportunities and danger. Every encounter could be its last, simply because it hasn’t yet acquired the hitpoints or powerful items to blast through them. This feeling is enhanced when roguelikes have ample character creation options, so that every new beginning has some unique challenge to overcome and different strategies to be learnt. And don’t you just love it when you’re surrounded by wolves, have three hit points left, and have exactly two choices: one being to zap an unidentified wand, the other is to pray and hope that the two newts you sacrificed will have left Thoth in a good mood…

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3 thoughts on “Increasing Challenge in Roguelikes

  1. Nice little article. I mostly agree with everything you said, if it wasn’t becauseI’m a wimp at roguelikes and rarely get anywhere in any of them. Even as it is, I enjoy the obscene amount of challenge some roguelikes display, and I’m always a rabid fan waiting for more.


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