Missed It?: @Play

gamesetwatch.jpgIf you haven’t checked out the great weekely web column @Play over at Game Set Watch before, now is a great time to do so. It features some excellent indepth looks at gameplay, history, individual roguelikes and all things relating to the genre. Great stuff.

‘@ Play’ is a bi-weekly column by John Harris which discusses the history, present and future of the Roguelike dungeon exploring genre.

Read all the @Play columns here.

6 thoughts on “Missed It?: @Play

  1. Since new roguelike news can be few and far between I thought I’d start doing a Missed It? thing where I’ll point out old but good stuff people might not know about.


  2. Thanks. Lots of material for us who didn’t know the site. It’s nice to see how this blog has really come to life after the inclusion of the new posters.


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