What does the Eye of Larn see in its guardian?

Welcome home adventurer. Latest word from the doctor is not good.The diagnosis is confirmed as dianthroritis. He guesses that your daughter has only 300 mobuls left in this world. It’s up to you, adventurer, to find the only hope for your daughter, the very rare potion of cure dianthroritis. It is rumored that only deep in the depths of caves can this potion be found.

Town of LarnHere comes a classic! One of the first games in roguelike genre is Larn. It has even poorer “graphics” than Rogue because it utilizes only three colors (and third must be activated in options file). Despite that many players enjoyed it. Current maintainer is Copx, who ported Larn to Windows and fixed a few bugs present. I played version 12.3 which still has some problems that 12.4 does not.

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8 thoughts on “What does the Eye of Larn see in its guardian?

  1. It would be good to have Larn under Unix again. The 12.3 version was itself a DOS port of Unix version but I could not find the latter.

    Thanks for the comments!


  2. BTW, Copx is no longer a maintainer. He gave it to some random schmuck who went AWOL soon after becoming the maintainer. His nick was John Doe. Good luck finding him 😉


  3. I like the look of Larn so far, but I haven’t seen much because it keeps crashing. (Am using WinXP). When I get access to another computer, I want to try it out some more. I like the time pressure system.


  4. If you’d like to play version 12.4 of Larn online you can find the game here: http://larn.org

    I’m a huge fan of the game of Larn, so if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you either here or on the site!


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