Junk collector

Rough terrainScrap was entry for 7DRL challenge in 2005 but after deadline author wished to polish it in order to make it more a game than a proof of concept. Later extended version came and finally 1.1 which fixed all known bugs.

You control a robot surrounded by other hostile robots. That is all you get to know about the plot but it is sufficient. Your machine can have up to eight systems plugged in. Any combination with at least one power source is valid. How one collects parts to plug into one’s robot? From other robots of course!

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4 thoughts on “Junk collector

  1. Yes, you probably mean Hive Awakening by Gero Kunter. It starts you with three systems but only two slots. Using socket forks you can achieve 8 slots – there the two games are similar.


  2. First four levels are unequivocally a piece of cake; the cyborgs make life significantly more difficult (or impossible, depending on how lucky/determined you are with catching extra bazookas [IME the other special weapons don’t really do enough to wear the borgs down]). I *almost* succeeded in snatching a piece of their armor for my own use, but I forgot to repair it and the next one destroyed it. T_T


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