Incursion 0.6.4A

IncursionJulian Mensch has just released the final version of Incursion until 2008! That’s a long time to wait before more RL goodness comes our way from one of the best in development RL’s currently going. Grab the latest version from the Incursion website here.

From the release:

I’ve just released the final version of Incursion before my planned development hiatus until early 2008. There’sa great deal changed and fixed in this version, but thehighlights include rebalanced casters, explore mode,new difficulty-altering options, much improved allies, many crash bugs fixed, more useable gods and lots and lots ofgeneral debugging.

The Win32 version is up on the site; the Linux version and an update to the web manual should be coming tomorrow, hopefully.

Best wishes everyone!

– Julian Mensch

3 thoughts on “Incursion 0.6.4A

  1. Fantastic games, playing it often. Some crash still occur on 6.4.e but less than before.

    Charater dies too much instantly, even when he level up, otherwise thumbs up


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