DiabloRL takes the OpenSource path

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Mr. Anubis Raskolnikov, creator of the great rougelike DoomRL, has made a step toward software freedom by releasing the DiabloRL source to the world! The project is very promising, and it is a shame not having the time to make it better when you are a busy roguelike developer, so I am glad he took the decition… I hope we can see new version of the game pop out soon!

As I don’t have as much time to develope DiabloRL as I would like, I decided to release it’s source code under the GPL licence. Also I created a project for DiabloRL on SourceForge, where a SVN repository is set up for DiabloRL.


As an added bonus, I add the most recent version (basically the 0.4.1-4 that has been on the DiabloRL beta tests forum) for download as 0.4.2, and it’s source code too.


If anyone’s willing to work on it, I’ll gladly give him write permission on the SVN server.

Via chaosforge

5 thoughts on “DiabloRL takes the OpenSource path

  1. Going open source doesnt necessarily mean you are “dropping” a project because you can’t handle it; sometimes the hardest work is putting the basis for something grand to evolve 🙂


  2. Or so you say.

    BTW, i’m also kinda interested who Anubis Raskolnikov is…this guy must have had a difficult childhood and awful school years…


  3. “Burned out” is too strong in any case; otherwise, why would he still be working on DoomRL? 😛

    I third the question of who Anubis Raskolnikov is.


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