Experiment: DNA integration


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The year is 2129, and man has taken to the stars. With him he had brought all of the wonders and horrors that he was wrought throughout the ages; joy and sorrow, peace and war, life and death. He has also found that he is not alone…

Xenocide the roguelike presents world from distant future. Humanity has advanced far beyond what modern people dream about technology. Then came the discovery of hyper-drive engine enabling rapid space exploration. Man begins to expand his empire, and finally meets intelligent alien race.

The crew of the Columbus attempted to make contact with the alien vessel, but they received no response. They waited for ten long hours, transmitting the same message of greetings and peace. Then, just when most of the crew had begun to suspect that the alien vessel might be abandoned, they received a response from it. The response did not come in the form of a communication, it came in the form of a missile, a missile with an antimatter warhead.
Thus began the war.

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7 thoughts on “Experiment: DNA integration

  1. It seems I said that too quickly: there is no makefile!

    I don’t know how to compile it now… also, it doesn’t work on wine (it gives me some kind of error), both with and without sounds.

    I’ll have to pass on this one, sadly. I really wanted to try it, though…


  2. I’d heard somewhere (I believe it was RogueBasin?) that this project is dead. I’d held off trying it because of that, but I’ll give it a go.

    (Just looked at RogueBasin’s article; it seems they classified it as dead in late ’06, but the update is from ’07; hope remains, perhaps?)


  3. I can’t believe Jakub dropped both Linux and DOS support.
    Xenocide is written in MS Visual C++. Maybe it generates makefiles on the fly?

    Meanwhile, you can try older version at the Roguelike Graveyard. Link:
    There are compiled versions for all three listed platforms.

    Be warned though, it has a very nasty bug: if on a level are any undestroyed robots or any robot shells with parts inside game will crash when (a|de)scending stairs. Some features (multi tile monsters, travel and explore commands) are unimplemented.


  4. Xenocide moved to Chaosforge to celebrate restarting development. RogueBasin artice was last modified before current version has been released. It even has homepage pointing to graveyard! I’ll have to correct that information soon.


  5. This is a very fun game even though it’s been nearly 6 months since this update with no indication of how things are going and though it can be rather difficult to survive. If only there were a quicker way to break down boxes/wares on the ships, or at least a “repeat last action” key…..


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