ThorThis is a cool website about ASCII games, which of course include roguelikes 🙂

Welcome to ASCII-World. This website is completely dedicated to the anything and everything related to Text and ASCII. We strongly believe that ASCII is far from dead. It has a very faithfull user base that just can’t seem to get tired of that good old text screen.

Lots of nostalgia here; you will not only find roguelikes but also all sorts of cool, oldscool, text-based games. Take a look!

10 thoughts on “ASCII World

  1. I suggested it months ago, but really, how hard can it be to just change the color on the link bits to something brighter ?


  2. Dunno, i just dont have much use for pleasantries, not giving them out and not expecting them, as long as things are getting done.
    Does that answer your question ?

    Also, i DID suggested to brighten the links months ago, and it IS very easy to do so. Black and almost-blackish-gray are almost inseparable, and its quite annoying to move the cursor all over the article to find the link.


  3. Yeah, I guess if you want things to “get done” in the most unpleasant way possible. Congratulations, it took you months to get Slash to change the color of the links on his website by being rude. And you insulted Kornel.

    Both incredible accomplishments. Be proud. *clap clap*


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