Nethack 3D for the MacOSX

NetHack 3D

This project is a fancy frontend for NetHack sporting a full modern interface, including a 3D view! (along with a classic tiled view and an ASCII mode).

Too bad it is Mac only, but so far it looks interesting… albeit not much info is available due to its japanese nature (the website claims the game supports english though)

NetHack3D is a port for MacOSX (Cocoa) of nethack which is an RPG of traditional Unix. As for full 3D by OpenGL, various expansion is made. I support English and Japanese.

Transliteration: NetHack 3D is a MacOSX (Cocoa) port of NetHack, which is a traditional Unix RPG. It offers a 3D powered by OpenGL as well as many other expansions. It supports Engrish and Japanese

Further info at the official website

NetHack 3D

6 thoughts on “Nethack 3D for the MacOSX

  1. That’s just freakin’ cool. I especially love how the monsters are just 3D letters and such, with embellishments to make them stick out a bit. Very stylish. I really hope we see a port for *nix at some point in the future.


  2. I am not a programmer at all, but I took a look at the makefile, and it seems maybe changing some options (architecture, default directories, etc.) there might make it compile on other *nix systems. If I come across something, I’ll post the new makefile in the forum, although I do not promise anything.


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