Releases Wire

The releases wire will keep you informed about all new versions of roguelikes you ought to know about.

SewerJacks 0.8.5

I have spent a few weeks updating sewerjacks to a point where it is fairly playable and enjoyable.

New features
– Select to play as any unlocked race and class
– Unlock more secret playable characters with unique skill sets.
– Powerups can now be picked up (inc. chainsaws )
– Added extra races
– Many more skills
– Beware experienced monsters can now blitz

Beggar 0.5.1

Beggar is a rogue-like game written in java with XML inputs for expandability. I do hope you enjoy the game as the community and hopefully the additions grow! I encourage you to post any comments or thoughts on the sourceforge forums. God willing, I hope to remain an active developer for a while to come and look forward to input from those that matter… the end-users.

First Age Angband 0.3.0

FAangband’s principal focus as a variant is to immerse the player in the world of Tolkien’s Silmarillion late in the First Age. While it is certainly not perfectly consistent (all the bad guys are still alive; all the good guys are dead, or at least have lost their best equipment), an attempt has been made to remove as many anachronisms as possible.

Saffron 0.6.0

Saffron is a stealth puzzle roguelike. It is in the early stages of development, so should not be considered complete, bug-free or stable yet.

The player is a thief, who is given tasks by the Blackrock Thieves Guild. Every task is dangerous, so the player must use stealth, skill and gadgets to complete the objective and escape undetected.

Unreal World 3.0.3

– fixed possibility to burn down caves
– random world options menu after map creation is now mouse sensitive
– swimming balanced a bit
– the fish stuck in a net will die if not picked up soon enough
– fixed missing ‘hideworker’ store symbol
– time required to find cover and hide decreased
– fixed occasional problems with ‘repeat previous combat option’
– lots of new truecolor and none 256-color images
– current map view enchanched
– savefile disk space comsumption reduced again just a little bit
– character profile menu is now mouse sensitive
– trading/chatting improved
– new setup option: RESIZE QUALITY
– the world is now culture sensitive!
– villages improved
– changes in zooming in nearby the shore

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