#rln IRC channel over EsperNet

Elig, acolyte of the Temple of The Roguelike, has set up an IRC channel for our chatting pleasure!

Fire your mIRC or irssi and log into esper.net, port 6667, channel #rln.


Hope to see you there!

7 thoughts on “#rln IRC channel over EsperNet

  1. a description on how to go to one of these chats for those of us who don’t know (perferibly using the web instead of installed software)…


  2. Yeah, I have been there all these nights (I cant login during daytime, due to damage caused by UV rays)

    Also, I dont know of a good online IRC client… they tend to be laggy and slow, I have been told chaosforge has a good one though..


  3. I think a link to the IRC channel and detailed instructions on how to connect should be put as a permalink on the right side of the main page. And the forum thread stickied, of course.


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