Bandish Wire

IronBand I

I’m doing a first release of Ironband today, hoping to pick up any problems with the distribution. It works for me but I’ve not tested it on any other computer, so now seems like a good time.

FuryBand 5.0 Gold

FuryBand is an ASCII RPG based off of the Fury-Engine. There are more than a thousand monsters, dozens of character races, and hundreds of weapons. Try to play through a LOTR based campaign in FuryBand, or try the classical angband dungeon in FuryBand T. If you want a real challenge, see how far you can get in FuryBand G, where all the monsters are twice your level, so the better you do, the stronger they get.

Unangband 0.6.2-wip7c

This release fixes some significant game-play logic bugs for the competition, as well as an overhaul of the wilderness map. I particular want to thank Mikolaj Konarski again for his beautiful ASCII art map, adapted from FAAngband’s wilderness map designed by Nick McConnell. Mikolaj also reported the majority of bugs in this release, as well as fixing about half of them.

Zaiband 3.0.7

Zaiband is a V3.0.6-fork with some changes.

One thought on “Bandish Wire

  1. Furyband 5.0 gets my thumbs up for sure. Furyband always provided a fun, moderately challenging take on the Angband game, but the last version I played (4.xing or other) was prone to crashing, and drove me nuts. This version seems as stable as can be hoped for, while maintaining the nifty skill system used before.
    I can’t remember if any other ‘bands use the same quest system, but they use a % per level rather than a definate number, which makes playing alot more intersting aswell. All in all, a great Band with enough unique aspects to make it worth playing.
    The rest, to me, are simply more of the same good old stuff, but do not stand out quite the way Furyband does.


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