Releases Wire IV

GearHead2 v0.451

GH2 is a scifi mecha roguelike cRPG taking place five years after the Typhon Incident. Here are the major changes in v0.451:

– Tactical arena mode has been greatly improved. There are now personalities for each faction who introduce the missions, debrief the player afterwards, and sometimes even give bonuses to the team. A variety of earnable rewards, such as skill trainers and mecha sources, are available to be won.

– The NPC mecha generator has been completely rewritten. Enemy pilots should now more closely match the skill level of the player.

– A new location, Theles Spinner, has been added to the L5 region. This colony is also known as “The Meatyard”. It is a place where human life is cheap, populated by exiles from the other spinners.

RevivedHack 1.61

RevivedHack is a modern version of the classic Roguelike game Hack, NetHack’s predecessor. It integrates bugfixes and new features while preserving the original gameplay.

Stone Soup 0.3.3

Stone Soup 0.3.3 (20071202)
* Fixed crash when draconian callers try to summon drakes.
* Fixed crash when shadow creatures is cast in a labyrinth.
* Fixed crash when monster blinks onto trap and is killed by the trap.
* Fixed vampires boosting the player’s maxhp.
* Fixed bad monster selection when shadow creatures is cast post-orb-pickup.
* Fixed buggy Xom mutations.
* Fixed nets not trapping monsters correctly.
* Fixed monsters being able to get past plants on level load.
* Fixed out-of-sight monsters raising dead in the player’s line-of-sight.
* Fixed brand colours flooding screen in DOS.
* Returning weapons auto-id on use by monsters.
* Autobutcher respects !w inscriptions.
* Horns mutation changes helmet slot description to “restricted”.
* Reintroduced Beogh penance for destroying orcish idols.
* Tutorial fixes.
* Errors in .crawlrc are reported at startup.

HexCrawl 0.3.3

Following in the wake of the release of Crawl Stone Soup 0.3, I am pleased to announce the first proper post-7drl release of hexcrawl. Hexcrawl is Crawl, but in hex.

Crawl 4.1 Alpha over Akrasiac.

So, Crawl players are known to like pain. (We play Crawl.) Many of us started our Crawl careers recently and haven’t had the chance to experience the pain that is Crawl Alpha 4.1. Also, certain (*cough*cbus*cough*) people think that they can succeed where so many others have failed. So, after some wrangling, I’ve got it mostly working on

The Slimy Lichmummy 0.4

Some highlights from the changelog:

* World travel implemented
* No more levels/classes/XP
* Armor now gives a HP bonus instead of damage reduction
* A first attempt at a stealth system
* Different actions now take different amounts of time
* Manual updated (finally!)
* “Throw” command added
* Weapon speed and to-hit added
* Random weapon effects (drain, knockback, blink, etc) implemented
* Potions affect enemies when thrown
* “Scavenger” AI added – monsters will search for food
* Wands now have random appearences
* Artifact (unique) items implemented
* fire_* bindings added (you can now fire a missile e.g. with shift
* spell* bindings added (you can now bind spells to arbitrary buttons)
* Recharging wands now works somewhat

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