Releases Wire V

Berserk 0.8.5

It is taking so long, I know. There’s a graphical version in the works, but I don’t know how much time it will take. To ease the wait, I release a halfway-to-0.9 version of Berserk!.

Quest For UnicornQuest for the Unicorn 5

Quest for the Unicorn is a rogue-like game built with a graphical interface instead of pure text. The inspiration for its creation came from games like Rogue, Hack, and Moria.

DarkHall 1.1.35

Lots of new stuff since the last ‘release’ version, including new skills, monsters, items, and graphics upgrades. Many bugs fixed, and much of the combat and loot system has been reworked. Full version notes are available at the link.

The Slimy Lichmummy 0.5

It feels like I’ve made great progress these last few months, and I’d like to thank everyone that has sent me feedback. The suggestions I have received so far have been very useful and appreciated.

DaJBand 1.1.02

I call it a semi-variant because hardly any code is changed, just a lot of modifications to the text files. Can’t call it a real variant because there are several real variants of Angband out there where people actaully added features, dungeons, and differences in interface and gameplay which I don’t know how to do. I don’t know any C code, but I was able to look at the source code and figure out how to make a few tweaks mainly just to make the game fit my monster list better.

Unreal World 3.04

  • A new installer
  • Savefile size reduced
  • Fixed map screen [F6] sometimes getting filled with markers
  • Slight tuning in map genarator
  • Introducing a new creature randomization system as applied to Njerpez warriors and foreign traders
  • Removed excess amount of swords and metal armours from Njerpez warriors and foreign traders
  • Fixed bug with food left in the cellar spoiling quickly after taking it out
  • Removed possibility to choose another starting scenario upon changing campaign
  • Fixed bug potential code in data structures
  • Swimming improved
  • Natural attack damage levels reasoned
  • Ritual screen slightly re-arranged

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