Releases Wire VI


Alltough it’s still not 0.9.9, I present DoomRL, another step on the road of DoomRL’s development. had a few serious bugs that needed fixing. Also, there’s a LOT of refactoring needed to present the features of DoomRL 0.9.9 and 1.0.0 — a lot of this refactoring has been done in this version.

Unangband 0.6.2-wip7e

This is a work in progress (and moreover interim, by Bandobras) release, so please save often and report bugs. Savefiles are compatible, unless the level you are on has fallen out of the levels range of the current dungeon, so it’s safest to upgrade when in Rivendell, Bree, Hobbiton or Bucklebury (their depths are unchanged).

3Dwarf3Dwarf Visualizer

Testing time! I finally feel comfortable releasing a public beta of my map visualizer, 3Dwarf. Please watch the tutorial video to get a feel of what the program is capable of. Keep in mind this is a beta, and some maps may not display correctly. I did most of my testing on forest maps, so they will look the best for now.


While some maintainers may make a special Christmas Release that has neat features that provide joy and happiness to their players, the 094 Christmas Release had no interesting new features and a serious game crashing bug.

In penance, I have been running the stress test for a day now to hopefully avoid a similar embarassing release.

Dwarf Fortress

A few more fixes, a few new init options and a new interface for bringing items to the trade depot. See the dev log for a complete list.

SteamBand 0.4.1 Final

It’s your Christmas gift — it’s here, bug free (crosses fingers), and fun. Everything that has been said before can be said again.

Steamband is a modern variant containing UI features such as a menu, extensive on-line help, bigscreen, terminal windows, memory features, an extensive custom monster and artifact list, and skill based character development.

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