RogueCommunity Update

The voting has started, based on roguebasin’s releases news, Andrew Doull from ASCII Dreams has put a poll online for the roguelike of this year… be sure to vote for your favorite roguelike!

  • Thomas Biskup has made his yearly christmas appearance for 2007, announcing his plans for ’08 which include releasing JADE and redesigning ADOM website. We are all eager to see him fulfill this ToDo list!

9 thoughts on “RogueCommunity Update

  1. I sure hope he can interview Thomas Biskup! It would most certainly be very interesting to know his opinions on the roguelike genre.


  2. If you add up all of Kornel’s projects he would definitely win as Mr. Roguelike 2007. I’m a bit disappointed with how GearHead placed, but I guess that’s to be expected since GH1 hasn’t had a new release lately and GH2 isn’t yet completable.


  3. I was also too late, this poll should of run much longer…
    Anyway no suprises with the results, I would of voted for incursion. And two votes for SJ woohoo 😀
    Next we should have roguelike developer of the year ;P


  4. I’d like to throw my vote in for Incursion, but I can’t usually get through a game without it crashing or manifesting some bug which essentially ends the game. I expect it to become my favorite if it ever gets finished. DF is undoubtedly the deepest ASCII experience — arguably the deepest gaming experience — out there right now and it’s only getting more ambitious as time goes on. It deserved to win.

    What shocked me was how high DoomRL and Berserk placed. While they’re fun, slick little games the first couple of plays through, they’re so limited in scope that I wonder at their popularity. You get, what, 10 monsters and 5 weapons, then run around shooting and stabbing things until you die. There’s no real story, no real world to inhabit, and most importantly very little depth or nuance to learn and be absorbed by. I’m wondering whether the voters ever played Nethack and ADOM or are simply graphical text fetishists.


  5. @ Jim: Sometimes complexity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some might prefer a more light-hearted gaming experience. You know, fun isn’t the same to everyone 😉

    PS: I voted for Incursion too ;).


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