RogueDev update

  • RogueSDL by Ed Ropple is a rendering engine for roguelikes using the .Net framework

I’ve just finished work on the first release of my Roguelike rendering engine for the Mono and .NET Frameworks, RogueSDL. As the name suggests, it uses the SDL libraries (through SDL.NET) in order to display graphics. I’ve tried to make it as utterly simple to use as possible, and I think I’ve largely succeeded.

  • Roguelike Library For Java (RL4J) 0.1 has been released. It includes a pretty useful collection of algorithms for field of view (including cones!) and Line of Sight. Worth using in your projects!
  • The series of dungeon generation articles continues at ASCII Dreams with this sixth article
  • From Andrew Doull too… his column discussing the perils and rewards of being an unabashed non-professional creating games has been continued with an article about the feature-lists for roguelikes.
  • Another nice detailed article series about random dungeons, a topic never too old for roguelike development. By Dirk Kok

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