More roguelikes for the 7DRL Challenge

6 more brave roguedevs have accepted the 7DRL challenge!

Space Marine type RL by Corremn

You are a mercenary marine that recruits other mercs and take on bad stuff and shit.

“thats a zergling, Leister, smaller type of Zerg…, they wouldn’t be out this far, unless … aww shit!’

A Knight in the Dungeon by Gerry Quinn

The main character operates like a chess piece of sorts – he probably has several lives and normally moves like a king in chess, killing pieces he moves onto. Items or skills may award him special moves or attacks.

ArabiaRL by Andy Pymont

You will play Aladdin, aiming to escape the depths of the cave after being left there by the vizier who has just run off with your lamp, your genie and your girl.

Countryside Zomband by zooptek

The goal is not to update or fix the existing Zomband, but to make a whole new expansion for it. In original Zomband, the goal was to escape the city. My work for the 7DRL challenge will be what happens after your character escapes the city. Although both are in the same executable, the new region your character enters after escaping the city will have all new level generation, tiles, items, monsters, and player abilities.

1DRL by Zaratustra

Started development.

Gang City Brawler by Timothy R. Dean et all

The inspiration comes mostly from 80’s arcade brawler games and to a lesser extent the movies about the punk kids of that time. The overall objective of the game is to eradicate all the gangs in the city by taking out the gang leaders using bare fists, street weapons and even the environment itself as a weapon.

One thought on “More roguelikes for the 7DRL Challenge

  1. Well, I’m a little peeved I’m not getting my 15 nanoseconds of fame.
    Check out rgrd and rgra, DungeonClimb announced it’s beginning and completion. I stuck with the strict 168 hour deadline, even though two days of that was figuring out ncurses and swearing at terminals. It’s nothing spectacular, gameplay OR codewise, and I’m not sure if it’s “fun”. But I’m happy with the outcome. You can go get it on sourceForge.

    Now ZOOM, off to play Brawl all weekend.


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