Assorted News

Cracks and Crevices 0.4

OK, I’ve sat on the release long enough. I’m sure some basic bug will pop up but what the hey.

GearHead2 v0.501

A new version of GearHead2, the robot-pimping giant-monster-fighting post-apocalyptic pop-singing roguelike, has just been uploaded to SourceForge.

Legerdemain 0.9.5

Legerdemain: the epic roguelike/IF/RPG hybrid that a couple of people are talking about!

Now with only half the crashes!

German NetHack-De 3.4.2-20080309a

NetHack-de is an attempt at a German translation of NetHack.

Sewerjacks 0.8.6d

You can finally unlock all races by defeating the races boss. Defeating the game will give you more classes for the race you were playing.

Angband 3.0.9b

Angband 3.0.9b is a bugfix version of 3.0.9.

Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 4 is released

I have continued developing it after the initial 7DRL release, adding graphics, balancing gameplay, and now release 1.0 beta 4 is there.

Unangband 0.6.2 Beta Release 2

This probably the last release with so big changes before 0.6.2 gold. Among other things, options’ names are changed, so some of your old pref files may not work as expected (old option names are ignored).

DoomRL Windows Installer

– confirm overwrite of .bat and .ini files during update
– enable or disable deletion of doom.prc, player.dat and score.dat during update
– configuration section in the Windows start menu for game settings, music and sound
– detection if the game is running
– Vista SP1 ready

Incursion 0.6.5B

There are new Win32 and Linux versions of Incursion up on the website. The bug list, down for several days, is now fixed. I’m going to be refactoring the Encounter Gen code next, so no updates (other than hopefully a Mac port of 0.6.5B) for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Assorted News

  1. Check out Incursion if the only thing holding you back was crashes, cause it truely has improved. I can’t think of a single one yet, to tell the truth. Promising stuff.


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