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The multicharacter roguelike GUILD is now being hosted at roguetemple. Check out its latest version and send Antoine your comments!

The aspiring mageIndependant software firm Lukos Software has released the first beta of their .Net MageGuild (v0.5) , looks pretty interesting so far. Note that if you are running windows you will most likely not need to download anything to run it.

Take on the role of a skilled and daring apprentice of the Nahelan Mage Guild. Delve through countless dark halls, gathering troves of hidden knowledge and gaining power; battle hordes of deadly enemies that will test the limits of your power and wit; and if you’re very lucky and very skilled, emerge into the light of day again, a full master in the Mage Guild. Play MageGuild.

POWDER (a.k.a. POWDAH) versions 103 and 104 are out now.

The long sought after fire arrows are finally present, self-poly into an iron golem has been further nerfed, and many bugs fixed. Most notable of the bug fixes is one to correct the gender assignment of dungeon citizens.

Atinar o no atinar, esa es la cuestionAtinar – Valley of Misery, a promising RPG/Roguelike in the works, has a new blog. Although no release is yet available, developer has promised to show off advancements to the public via his blog

Although easy to play, and enjoyable even during a coffee break, it has enough deep and dynamic content as to be able to always show something new and interesting for the player.

MegamanRL version 0.0.8 has been released by, featuring bugfixes and enhancing customization. You can now fully create your own levels and configure your enemies AI!

4 thoughts on “Releases Wire X

  1. I have to say, I was pretty impressed by this Mage Guild business. The tutorial is actually kind of a puzzle game unto itself, and entertaining and as well as informative. You don’t collect weapons or armor, or traditionally level up, but it works fine without any of that. It’s really unique. The black hole spell in particular is great.

    The others sound good too, I’ll be sure to give at least some of them a shot later.


  2. I have to say that Atinar looks promising and they plan to do a pocketPC version i wonder if we could get an iphone/ipod touch version out of them, because it desperately needs roguelikes


  3. MageGuild is a great little game; all the mutability of Nethack made easy. I can see it becoming really good, as it just gets rid of the concerns surrounding classes and gets to the matter at hand, which is a Mage-focused RL. It progresses nicely, with an average learning curve, and the alchemy system is lots of fun. Even the ranking system at the end is interesting, which gives you mage a title (Practicing Nyctomancer, Aspiring Mage) based on your choices reguarding character advancement. Play it, Nethack fans, it’s fun.


  4. Guild is also pretty cool, I like how there’s a lot more dialogue than your usual RL game, and while it follows your standard fantasy clichés, it does so in an entertaining manner.

    The party ai is intelligent enough, and giving orders is simple and intuitive, which is a necessity for the type of game it is.

    I don’t know if there are any endgame victory conditions, but you can get various missions at the tavern to keep things interesting.


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