Releases Wire XII

Unangband 0.6.2

This release is a development check point which allows you to play a “relatively” bug free version of Unangband, while we significantly hack on the source to add extra features that may potentially destabilize further releases.

Please save often.

Legerdemain 0.9.6

You may find Phenomedom has changed in subtle ways since the previous version. New dialogue has been added along with some new items. Certain regions have been reshaped and/or had their populations adjusted, particularly for the case of early areas that you revisit once your fame has grown.

LambdaRogue 0.2.7

I just released the 7th beta of LambdaRogue and the first version of this game since spring 2007.


It is this time of the year again, folks. I thought the next release would be 0.9.9, but there were too many things to do, so I decided to create a version.

Elona 1.04

A new version of Elona has been released. I’ve fixed some bugs and translated some more messages. Also, thanks to f1r3fly, in-game help is being translated. Although it’s not finished yet, I’ve also included the help in this version.

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