A couple of simple applet roguelikes

Ants and DogsMr. Will Thimbleby has released two interestingly simple applet roguelikes at his weblog, the first, dubbed Ants and Dogs, is a basic roguelike which you can probably use for showing off the genre to newcomers, as it contains all a basic roguelike must contain.

Ants and Dogs 2: The revengeThe second one, Directional Ants and Dogs on the other hand, shows off interesting features such as directional FOV for both players and monsters, as well as hearing and running.

He has also released the source code for both of them as public domain, they are nicely structured and easy to read!

5 thoughts on “A couple of simple applet roguelikes

  1. Just nitpicking, but where did you get the name ‘ants and dogs’ from? It does not seem to be listed on the authors website as a name. I was under the impression that it did not have a real name as of yet.


  2. I am interesting in the source code for this game. I cannot find it in his weblog. Is there a way to get it?


  3. I found the source code. Simple. Just click the link above. When the java applet is running, asking if you wan to run it or not. Click cancel and scroll down. There is a link to download the java files. Enjoy!


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