Releases Wire XV

Legerdemain 0.9.7

For the rest of you, the world of Phenomedom now has a cast of nearly two hundred characters to become acquainted with, as well as new enemies, new spells, new events, and lots more polish.

libtcod 1.3.1

* Easier mouse button event detection
* Simpler use of the configuration files parser for basic files

Doryen Arena 0.5

The Doryen Arena is an ASCII real time tactical combat game. Face dozens of different creatures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, choose your weapons and skills and pray to survive up to the next tournament level…

Unangband 0.6.2-gold2

My involvement during this release has been merely ‘file release dogsbody’. Bandobras and Big Al Phillips should receive all the praise: myself all the blame.

DaJAngband 1.0.95

Why you should play DaJAngband:
– If you’d like to play a variant that is focused on improving flavor but keeping the gameplay similar to vanilla.
– If, like me, you despise yeeks, icky things, and large white snakes and want monsters with a little more character.


Well, here it is – our first entry in “Game A Week”, an exclusive Kotaku AU feature where you guys come up with ideas for simple games and I try and code them in seven days.

3 thoughts on “Releases Wire XV

  1. It seems that there is a bug in Doryen Arena that allows skills to be used before their cooldown time runs out. You can pretty much go crazy with the life and stamina potions and regenerate faster than most anything will kill you.


  2. Elona 1.07 is out, I believe slightly more translated. It’s becoming playable for americans, given the language and the english wiki 🙂


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