Releases Wire XVI

LambdaRogue 0.3.1

We are now at 0.3.1, which polishes many things, improves the look (both in console and SDL mode) and offers many new features which should make gameplay more interesting.

Doryen’s Arena 0.6

I tried to make the first levels a bit more difficult and less boring. I also added a new experimental mode where the player’s character automatically attacks the selected target

Frozen Depths 1.03

The frost covers the land again as a new version of Frozen Depths is finished, and again it took almost a year to release a new version. 11½ months to be quite exact

FAngband DS

I now have a working (!) Nintendo DS port of FAangband 0.3.4. It is still very rough, and will (I hope) improve a lot.

One thought on “Releases Wire XVI

  1. Yay, Frozen Depths 1.03!

    I just died on level 36 … all the new additions work out pretty well! A lot of polish… Try it!


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