The silent noise of the L5 Region

Yatate Spinner

People of the rogueworld, I am glad to announce the latest production of Joe Hewitt’s Ataraxia Theatre!

The story begins at the Rishiri Region: L5 Orbital Pattern, not long after the Typhon incident at Snake Lake City (the same time frame of GearHead 2).

Mischa in action!

Mischa, a wealthy adventurer from Luna, has landed on the fanatics crowded Yatate Spinner, along with her sentient dweller robot dog, Bjorn. What will happen next is unknown, the Red Mask Raiders pirate group, along with a unique characters set will surely add up for an exciting adventure!

So, be sure to link “Mischa’s Story”, which updates on on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. First strip is out already!

(What! you don’t know what GearHead is?)

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