Releass Wire XVII

Privateer 0.3.7

You will now only be fined and banned for attacks and murders on a base or planet if a witness sees both you and your victim right as the act is being committed (if you’re attacking or killing a police officer, witnesses aren’t required for fines and banning). You will also only be fined and banned for using a hand grenade if somebody saw you throwing the grenade.

Quarker 0.001

I’ve got a new version of my in development roguelike up. Now with version numbering!

libtcod-net 0.1

libtcod-net is a BSD licensed C# library that wraps libtcod, a roguelike library.

libtcod 1.3.2

libtcod 1.3.2 is a bugfix release. It also adds documentation for the fast generic container TCODList.

Doryen Arena 0.7

arena 0.7 has slightly improved and easier gameplay

ASCII-Draw Build 7

AsciiDraw is a console application meant to serve as a replacement for standard text editors when prototyping a roguelike’s interface. It provides access to all ascii characters and standard colors.


Two versions ago, David Parker ported POWDER to the GP2X. The GP2X is a type of hardware I’ve always meant to support – they actively encourage homebrew style development. Thus, I am very happy that David’s changes have been rolled into the main development branch so we should have a GP2X build now. For those aching for stylus support – the source is there too. I have compiled this version blind, so apologies in advance if there are problems. With your feedback we can get it worked out.

Legerdemain 0.9.8

The Phenomedom Tourist Bureau has added several new passages and items, dozens of new scripted events and hints, and lots more dialogue to ensure your stay is an entertaining one. A few unwinnable situations have also been corrected.

Incursion 0.6.9H4

Quick patch release, now up on the official site for Win32, Mac and Linux! The online manual is now up-to-date as well.

DarkHall 1.1.71

Thanks for taking your valuable time to try it out!

3 thoughts on “Releass Wire XVII

  1. You forgett the new Version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soupe ! 😀 0.4.1 ! With many likely features and additions!

    Greetings Lutha!


  2. I would say “You missed CyberRogue!” but I’m not sure I’m ready for primetime just yet… I’m not exactly behind on my timeline (I don’t have one! Probably a bad thing) but I definitely wish I was further ahead.

    I also second the call for DCSS 0.4.1! (missed 0.4.0 as well, while we’re at it, but that’s behind us now)


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