Releases Wire XVIII

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.1

Main features:
* Greatly improved interface
* Greatly improved Tiles version
* Overhauled the good gods
* Added Vampire species
* Enabled all sensible species/class combinations
* Smarter monsters

Dwarf Fortress

I’m going to bed pretty soon, so if there are catastrophic problems, you’ll probably have to sit on them for many, many hours.

CyberRogue 0.0.6 r41

I’m still looking for a suitable name – I couldn’t think of one back when I tried making CPRL (and failed), and CR is really just a shortening of that. I can’t use ShadowRun… EdgeRunner? That’s something from CyberPunk 2020, also sounds like crashRun… All suggestions happily taken (my creative juices are a little dry right now).

Elona 1.1.3.

This is beta version but should be stable. Some of the names of your random artifacts may change.

Zaiband 3.0.9

Zaiband is an Angband variant. In particular, it is a roguelike — a game whose interface is (mostly) console-oriented, and for which graphics are strictly optional.

FAAngband 0.3.5

This is mainly a bugfix and minor feature version, and is intended to be the last of the 0.3.x series (but I’ve said that before).

8 thoughts on “Releases Wire XVIII

  1. I’m guessing slash is taking these from the roguebasin news and r.g.r.a., so the best way to get included is to advertise the release there.


  2. Ah, okay. It’s not actually my game, I would just like to see it get a little more advertising. The author has already posted this on rgrd though, so it should be good.


  3. Yep, will be there on next wire.

    I (try to) take the news from various sources, including roguetemple forums, rgra, rgrd, rgr*, roguebasin, thelist, tigs, rogueplanet, etc


  4. The slowness of rgra’s moderator have actually caused cryptrover’s 1.1 version to be announced on roguetemple’s announcement forum first :p


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