Releases Wire XX

LambdaRogue 1.1

Sorry for posting updates so often, but this release fixes some serious bugs that may lead to crashes; one of them only on Windows.


– Added new Quine for purchase in the equipment shop.
– You can now access your Quine while viewing a computer terminal.
– Did a whole bunch of stuff related to the upcoming quest scripting.

Ironband 14Aug08

I now consider Ironband ‘complete’ – it is fully playable and a lot of fun. I have no further plans for changes any time soon, though I will still take bug reports, suggestions and feedback

Tombs of the Asciiroth 0.5.1

Tombs of the Asciiroth is a puzzle/RPG/roguelike game that you can either play in a web browser, or download as an application using the Adobe AIR runtime (available on Mac, Windows and Linux). The game is complete and playable, and there’s a map editor to create new scenarios

gTile 0.0.1

This is an alpha release of a graphical roguelike implemented in Javascript and DHTML. It will perform best in Firefox or Safari, but Internet Explorer (including version 6!) is also supported.

Lords of DarkHall 1.1.97

Thank you for the kind comments and for taking time out to try my hobby project. And thank you to those people who take the time to program their own roguelikes as well. I really enjoy playing these and seeing the creativity that other people have.

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