Crunched Source CodeOoooorrrrcs!
: Jakub Debski
Language: C++

Grievously wounded after retrieving the famed +3 Crystal Crown of the Orc from the perilous orcish mines you find yourself trapped in a valley of death. Millions of orcs of all kinds to the west, a moonlit darkness to the west into the lands of man. It is time to run, you are being hunted!

A basic, yet challenging game, Ooooorrrrcs puts you in the place of an unlucky adventurer who must go west, west and beyond. The horde of grizzly orcs currently pushes forward (thus you dont even Dare to go back), your motion is all forward by reflex. Some power up herbs and some scattered orc weaklings will let you build your forces and phasedoor yourself into freedom, step by step your blood stains the ground and your strengths fade away. Will you make it?

I will survive

After THE-HECK-OF-A-LONG run, the brave hero: Slash the Orc Slasher, survived, got to his hometown and stored the valuable artifact on his collection!

Gameplay: Challenging, addictive
Technical Highlights: Non trivial combat, map scrolling to the left, spells, collision resolution.

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