Source Code IncludedBerserker Troll Hunt
: konijn_
Language: Javascript

Rage! that is all you feel deep inside your mind. Your head burns at the memory of your town being brought to ashes by the legions of nasty trolls that just appeared. Your parents are dead and your are left defenseless, a child amidst a wrecked town full of monstruous trolls.

What is this you feel inside your veins… why does your mind wanders in visages of chaos and destruction… you are just a harmless child aren’t you?

You open your eyes, a Troll is next to you, tenths more are behind, You open your eyes again. Blood everywhere, your rampaging punch stuck into a rock, all Trolls destroyed without a chance.

Rage! that is all you feel deep inside your mind.


Berserker Troll Hunt is a simple game, (you can’t lose once you get the hang out of it, except if the RNG spawns you next to a Troll, YASD). Move around with the numpad, use ‘b’ + direction to berserk and destroy all Trolls in your path (this only works when a Troll is next to you). Destroy all the trolls and score one point, let them bash you and they get one. The bloody vicious circle never ends.

As a technically achievement, well, javascript is not specially well suited for a roguelike, specially a “small” roguelike, so it is impressive to me. Also it will run with recent versions of Firefox and Exploder.

Gameplay: Repetitive, No Score Goal (A turn count would have sufficed)
Technical Highlights: Lots of enemies chasing you, non-traditional language, non-trivial skill

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