Oh Rats!


Here and everywhere… after being thrown to the dungeons by the evil Vizier Jaffar you must seek a way out, will there be a way out?

As you climb the dungeon more and more ravenous rats appear. Where did so many rats come from?

These rats will stop at nothing to take a bite out of you, even resorting to cannibalism if the situation is right…  is this some kind of terrible dark spell? Your fate is sealed… will you kill enough rats to meet your archenemy?

OMFG, Rats!

A noble death

Oh Rats! is all about planning your first moves once you get a new level. The game becomes interesting from level 5 onward, when you are swarmed by rats and must be wise in your moves to take the less possible damage.  It is fun and challenging, and having no winning condition but scoring makes it open and interesting.

Gameplay: Challenging, Critical moments
Technical Highlights: Lots of enemies

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