First <1KBRL Challenge Entries: LUCK

Author: Slash
Links: Minisite, Online Launcher
Language: Java

You find yourself in a dark, dark room. You have no idea why you are here nor how you got here. All you know is that with every step you make, you are getting weaker. Disturbing whispers can be heard everywhere and your only hope of surviving is to push onwards, collecting relics of percentile origin along the way. Suddenly, a horrifying demonic ant… sorry, an *AND* appears before you. You have to make a quick choice: fight it or run for your life…

That’s for the story. Now, for the review.

Slash promised to review *ALL* of the <1kBRLs and I’m here to assure he will never keep his promise by reviewing his creation. First, some technical information. Gameplay takes place on a small, 20×20 map (18×18 playable space), which is more than sufficient. No memory of visited areas is kept, so the PC wanders in the dark, seeing only a diamond-shaped area around him with a radius of 6 tiles. The use of Manhattan distances is logical, since the PC can only move vertically and horizontally. Unfortunately, there is a minor glitch there: when attempting to move diagonally using the numpad, the game exits, so it’s safer to use arrow keys.

The levels contain randomly placed obstacles, a down staircase, a relic and a nasty to make you keep going. No other keystrokes than the arrows are needed, since the PC automatically collects relics and descends stairways upon walking over them. Simplicity rules!

The goal is to collect 10 relics and descend to level 20 before you run out of energy. Simple, huh? Well, not really. The 600 points of energy go down with every move. Additionally, the baddies take away 5 additional energy points if you move next to them. The relics and staircases can be anywhere and you will probably be forced to make long runs before “clearing” a level. Your life is in RNG’s hands, really, which completely justifies the game’s title.

Finally, when you either die or win the game, an appropriate message is shown. Quite a lot for just 1kB of code.

Gameplay: Simple, but fun. Good for those boring moments at work when the boss isn’t around.
Technical Highlights: Many nice features in few bytes of code.

4 thoughts on “First <1KBRL Challenge Entries: LUCK

  1. Yes, I couldn’t mention everything, else I’d end up with a very long review :). Anyways, the blue levels are barely visible, I really have to force my sight to notice the relic, the baddie and the staircase… 😦
    But it’s a fine game anyway :).


  2. I just played it for the first couple of times, and it really is a great little challenge. I actually just got to level 20 and was on the square adjacent to the staircase and ran out of air – dang it!


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